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Welcome to Ericsberg Castle

Magically beautiful castle environment and park, complemented by an enchanting labyrinth

One of Sweden’s most well-preserved and stately baroque castles. In the middle of beautiful Södermanland lies Ericsberg Castle, one of Sweden’s finest Baroque castles. Today, it is the eighth generation of the Bonde family that owns and runs the farm.

Visit the beautiful and charming Ericsberg Castle, one of Sweden’s largest Baroque castles

On various tours, you are guided through the park, the castle chapel, the museum, and the greenhouse, dating back to the 18th century. Here you will find unique collections of historical objects that tell of a bygone era. Also visit our baroque park with a beautiful labyrinth.
Rent apartments, houses, holiday homes

Rent and live in a historic setting in the middle of a beautiful landscape

In Forssjö, 10 minutes from Katrineholm, we are now building rental apartments with a lake view. Carefree living, close to both nature and city. Something for you?

Ericsberg has managed and rented accommodation for generations. With us you can rent everything from detached houses, holiday homes and apartments. Our rental properties are around the farm and in the town of Forssjö, just under 10 minutes from Katrineholm. In Forssjö, we are now building 12 new rental properties, nicely located with a view of Forssjön.

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Broad solutions for all types of events. Make it happen

Regardless of whether you want to arrange a wedding, conference, concert, birthday party, or just want to experience our beautiful baroque park, Ericsbergs Slott offers you a completely unique environment – and a memorable historical experience.
Shop & Cafe
Visit the Castle’s interior design shop and café with home-baked goodies baked according to old Ericsberg recipes. Our decor is timeless with a modern twist.

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Fishing by the lake
At Ericsberg we have many beautiful lakes and rivers. Here you can enjoy fishing in peaceful surroundings. Book your fishing license online.
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We arrange hunting in a fantastic environment. Right now our hunt is sold and all land leased out, but stay tuned for updates.
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Conference with overnight stay
Our conference rooms were once stables for the castle’s horses. Book a room in a unique environment, and spend the night in the castle’s wing buildings.
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Interior design store
In what was once stables for the castle’s horses, you will find classic furnishings with a modern touch, inspired by the castle environment. The beautiful items you find in the store are carefully selected for our store.
Ericsberg’s history

The story behind the Castle & the park

The garden park dates back to the 17th century, when the land was made into a fantastic baroque garden. In the mid-19th century, it was converted into an ornamental park, which is what visitors enjoy today. The park has undergone several renovations and redevelopments since then, but the pride and beauty of the Baroque still dominates the design of the park. Today, it is the 8th generation of the Bonde family that, under AB Ericsbergs Säteri, runs Ericsbergs castle, the farm and the adjacent approx. 50 permanent residences and 60 holiday homes. Through guided tours you have the opportunity to get an interesting and entertaining history lesson about the castle and its surroundings, but wandering around on your own is also a great experience. The maze and park are open every day to visitors.