Fishing in beautiful surroundings

Come out and fish

Are you interested in fishing and crayfishing? With us at Ericsberg, you can rent both fishing licences, boat berths and crayfish lots in catch-rich lakes and waterways.

Do you prefer angling, trolling or the classic spin fishing? With us, you can practice all variants, customize your fishing license and your multi-rod supplements for maximum fishing experience. Enjoy fresh air and fantastic views of forest and land while fishing or catching crayfish. Do you want to fish by the waterways with a view of the magnificent castle, a cozy, secluded forest lake, or why not both? Contact Tomas with requests. Here you can fish all year round, we also offer opportunities for ice fishing.

Tomas Andersson

Tomas Andersson

Wildlife manager

Do you want to buy a fishing license?

Fishing licenses can be bought at Ericsberg’s Gårdskontor, open Monday-Friday at 8.00-15.00 or by agreement.

  • Payment against invoice or swish.
  • For more information, call the exchange on (+46) 0150-753 90

Rent a boat berth

To rent a boat berth, you have to make a request about the place and the lake. As we have most roads blocked off, you must have access to a key on which you place a deposit.

  • Boat berth/year SEK 500
  • Deposit/key SEK 500

Lakes with fish dishes

Stensjön, Älgsjön, Storsjön, Hönstorpasjön, Nyköpingsån downstream bridge to Ericsberg

  • Annual pass SEK 400
  • Half year 250:-
  • Extra water annual pass SEK 200
  • Extra water half year SEK 100
  • Multi-rod supplement all year 200:-
  • Multi-rod supplement half year 100:

Rent a lot in one of Ericsberg’s best crayfish waters

Crayfish fishing lots are rented annually in Storsjön, which is a body of water that holds a large population of signal crayfish. In Storsjön, there has been active management of crayfish for a long time, so the crayfish keep a good size.

The lots are on 100 meters of shoreline and where you can rent for several lots. We have limited fishing to 3 occasions (three days) during August-September in order for it to be sustainable fishing.

  • Price for a lot SEK 3,000
  • Additional lottery tickets SEK 2,000/pc

Rules for fishing in Ericsberg’s waters

Crayfish fishing

  • Report when fishing
  • Report catch: number or kg after each fishing
  • Max 10 cages per lot (100 metres)
  • 3 fishing opportunities
  • Minimum size of crab 10 cm
  • Fishing time August-September


It is permitted to use 2 pcs. sport fishing approved fishing gear per fishing license

If you want to use more fishing gear when ice fishing/angling or trolling, you buy a multi-rod supplement, which gives permission to use up to 10 rods/fishing devices. No fixed gear is allowed

The fishing license is personal and applies to the lake it is printed on. If you want to fish in several waters, you can buy extra water. Young people under the age of 15 may fish on their guardian’s fishing license

Tomas Andersson

Tomas Andersson

Wildlife manager