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Do you dream of getting married in a fairytale castle setting? At Ericsberg, the dream can come true. We at Ericsberg conduct a limited number of unique weddings each year with the castle and Lake Ericsberg as a backdrop.

With us, you can rent chapels, accommodation and party rooms in a culturally historic environment to create a magical feeling for your wedding. Our premises and rooms are of a high standard and are complemented by a completely newly renovated restaurant kitchen.

Do you want to get married in the old castle chapel, in the orangery with its impressive ceiling height or perhaps in the green castle park? The choice is yours! You have access to the premises over a weekend starting on Friday to prepare the premises and patios. Maybe you wish to have a party for the closest ones on Friday evening, or it will be a cozy get-together with recharge before your big day.

On Saturday, the wedding takes place and is followed by festivities in the evening and night. Sunday is spent sleeping in, opening wedding presents and maybe a nice brunch?

Nora Lund

Nora Lund

Tourism Manager

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Castle Wedding at Ericsberg Slott

Ericsberg Castle, nestled in the heart of Sweden, offers couples an astonishing Castle Wedding experience. With roots stretching back to the 1600s, this venue combines historical allure with unparalleled romance. As you explore the vast 16,000 hectares, the enchantment of hosting a wedding at such a majestic castle becomes evident.

Whether exchanging vows in the hallowed castle chapel, beneath the soaring ceilings of the orangery, or amidst the lush tranquility of the castle park, Ericsberg ensures every moment is unforgettable. And with the scenic Lake Ericsberg as a picturesque backdrop, and state-of-the-art amenities, including a newly renovated restaurant kitchen, your Castle Wedding is destined to be both magical and memorable.

The Complete Wedding package experience – How can we help you?

Discover the charm of a tailored wedding in Sormland’s crown jewel, Ericsberg Castle. While we don’t offer standardized packages, our dedication to personalization ensures every couple crafts their unique dream day.

Starting with the rental of our exquisite premises, couples are given the canvas to shape their celebration. For those seeking assistance, our team is available to help with everything from bartenders and catering to hairstyling and floral arrangements upon requests.

Whether you want to do it all yourself or need some help from us, a Wedding Package in Sormland at Ericsberg Slot means your day will be just right.

Your own castle in Sormland – for the whole weekend

Set amidst the lush landscapes of Sormland, this castle has stood as a testament to time and elegance since its origins in the 1600s. With its deep-rooted history, from the Gyllenstierna family to the Bonde lineage, Ericsberg Slott in Sormland has seen eras evolve and yet remained a constant beacon of grandeur.

Today, it stands not just as a castle in Sormland, but as a symbol of the region’s rich cultural tapestry. Its vast 16,000 hectares encompass forest lands, green fields, and the beautiful Lake Ericsberg. Here, history isn’t just remembered; it’s relived.

Castle wedding with overnight stay (Slottsweekend)

When hosting your wedding at Ericsberg Castle in Sormland, you and your guests have the opportunity to stay overnight at the castle. Ideal for those wishing to extend the festivities or simply enjoy the castle’s ambiance a little longer.

The castle’s banquet and dining hall can accommodate up to 150 guests.

For overnight stays, Ericsberg Castle provides 16 double rooms and 5 single rooms, which are included in the price when renting the premises.

You have access to the premises over a weekend starting on Friday to prepare the premises and patios. Saturday stands reserved for your vows and the big celebration with friends and family. And as Sunday rolls in, indulge in the comfort of sleeping in, the joy of unwrapping wedding presents, and perhaps a brunch to wrap it all up.

Easy access to the Castle from nearby cities

Following the Castle Wedding with an overnight stay, guests can enjoy the convenience of Ericsberg Castle’s strategic location, remarkably accessible from major urban center. – Ensuring your guests can attend your special day without any logistical hassles.


  • From Stockholm: ≈ 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • From Norrköping: ≈ 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • From Nyköping: ≈  1 hour.
  • From Örebro: ≈ 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • From Eskilstuna: ≈ 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • From Västerås: ≈ 1 hour 30 minutes.

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Dreaming of a Castle Wedding here in Sormland?

Our coordinators await your call. With Ericsberg Castle’s majestic essence and your vision, we promise an unmatched wedding.